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Aluminized (T125, T140, 409 Stainless)

Produced on continuous lines similar to hot dip galvanizing, cold rolled sheet steel is hot dipped into molten aluminum or an aluminum alloy containing 5-10% silicon. It has excellent resistance to high temperature oxidation and offers good heat reflectivity. At surface temperatures up to 950°F the steel base is protected although some surface darkening may occur.

Although in most environments the long-term corrosion rate of aluminum is only about 15-25% of that of zinc, the protective value of aluminum on steel is a function of its coating thickness and its tendency to remain intact, thus providing long-term protection. Type 1 (ASTM A463), light coating, is recommended for welding and drawing applications.

Type 1, regular or commercial has approximately a 1 mil-thick coating on each surface, offering excellent heat resistance. Type 2, with approximately a 2 mil-thick coating on each side is often used for atmospheric corrosion resistance.


Designations And Weights Of Aluminum Coating On Aluminized Steel Sheet (A)

Coating Designation Minimum Coating Weight (c)
Triple-Spot Testing Single-Spot Testing
g/m2 oz/ft2 g/m2 oz/ft2
T1 25 (light) 80 0.25 60 0.2
T1 40 (regular) 120 0.4 90 0.3
T2 (regular 230 0.75 200 0.65
Slitting Capabilities
Gauge Range
.004" to .190" (.102 mm to 4.826 mm)
Width Range
.250" to 60" (6.365 mm to 1524 mm)
16 or 20 (inches) standard
78" maximum
Coil Weight
40,000 lbs maximum
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