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Steel Electro-Galvanized

These cold-rolled steel sheets are zinc coated by electrolytic deposition. If subject to outdoor exposure, it should be painted. The coating is smooth and light gray in color without the spangles normally present on hot dipped galvanized sheets. They can be painted, synthetic enameled or lacquered without further processing since the surface has been treated, or phosphatized, for painting.

Electrogalvanized sheets have the same gauge thickness as cold rolled sheets. They can also be rolled, formed or stamped without flaking, cracking, peeling or powdering.

Coating thicknesses are not as heavy as hot dip galvanized although they provide good corrosion resistance. Coating thicknesses on one or two sides up to .54 mil (0.32 oz/ft.²) are usually specified for automotive applications, however common coating thicknesses are .14 mil.

Slitting Capabilities
Gauge Range
.004" to .190" (.102 mm to 4.826 mm)
Width Range
.250" to 60" (6.365 mm to 1524 mm)
16 or 20 (inches) standard
78" maximum
Coil Weight
40,000 lbs maximum
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