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Steel Hot Dipped Galvanized

This is a process in which a protective coating of zinc and iron-zinc alloys is applied to steel by dipping into a bath of molten zinc. Most sheet steel is done on a continuous galvanizing line.

Regular spangle is coated on continuous lines to specific coating designations. During normal solidifications, regular spangles are the result of the unrestricted growth of zinc crystals.

Minimized spangle is the result of treating regular galvanized sheet during the zinc solidification to restrict the normal spangle formation. Product usually has a dull appearance not characterized by a high degree of uniformity and dissimilarity from coil to coil is not unusual.

Extra smooth is the result of skin passing coated galvanized sheet material to impart a higher degree of smoothness. It is usually supplied in a coating designation G-90 only and is used for exposed, critical surfaces that are to be painted. If fluting or stretcher strains are a hazard, extra smooth should be specified.


Slitting Capabilities
Gauge Range
.004" to .190" (.102 mm to 4.826 mm)
Width Range
.250" to 60" (6.365 mm to 1524 mm)
16 or 20 (inches) standard
78" maximum
Coil Weight
40,000 lbs maximum

Designations And Weights Of Zinc Coating On Hot Dip Galvanized Sheet (A)

Coating Designation Minimum Coating Weight (c)
Triple-Spot Testing Single-Spot Testing
g/m2 oz/ft2 g/m2 oz/ft2
G 235 717 2.35 610 2
G 210 640 2.1 549 1.8
G 185 564 1.85 488 1.6
G 165 503 1.65 427 1.4
G 140 427 1.4 366 1.2
G 115 351 1.15 305 1
G 90 275 0.9 244 0.8
G 60 183 0.06 152 0.5
G 01 No minimum No minimum No minimum No minimum
A 60 183 0.6 152 0.5
A 40 122 0.4 91 0.3
A 01 No Minimum No minimum No minimum No minimum
  • (a) From ASTM A525
  • (b) G, regular type coating; A, zinc-iron type of coating
  • (c) Total weight on both sides of sheet per unit area of sheet
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