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Steel Painted (Steel, Aluminum)

We develop and coat for you, according to your technical specification, one sided or on both sides. Any color is available. Simply provide us with a sample of what you want and we will rush you back a painted panel for your approval. We apply protective and decorative coatings to coils of steel and aluminum in a continuous process precisely calibrated to provide consistent, even coating of the substrate. In addition, we offer supporting services such as embossing and slitting.

Coil Coating Capabilities

  • Precision painted graphics (linear and non-linear) and embossing
  • Painted coil up to 36”.
  • Any color can be supplied at any gloss level.
  • Small (10,000 lbs.) or large production runs.
  • Single or multiple coatings
Thickness .015” - .060”
Width Up to 37”
Thickness --
Width --
Thickness --
Width --
Coil Specifications
Coil O.D. 40” – 60”
Coil I.D. 16”, 20”
Acrylics Yes
Polyester Yes
Epoxy Yes
Siliconized Polyester Yes
Embossing (stucco) Up to 48”
Slitting Yes
Two-coat Steel Aluminum --

Aluminum Terms


Characteristics: Low cost: resistance to marring, staining, solvents and corrosion; excellent formability: adhesion, available in a wide range of gloss and colors.

Applications: Building components: garage and entry doors; manufactured housing; lighting; heating and air conditioning equipment; appliances; office products and furniture.


Characteristics: Solid stain, abrasion and mar resistance coupled with good durability; limited formability; low to full gloss range; high bonding properties.

Applications: Transportation, appliances, sign stock; light fixtures; truck trailer panels, laminated panels

Almetals Aluminum Standards

Paint System: Single Coat Polyester
Alloy: 3105 H2 – CC Base Metal
Temper: O-H14
Embossing Depth: .008”-.010”
Quantity Tolerance: +/- 10%
Core: 20” ID, Fiber Core

Almetals has an extensive knowledge of coating applications, metal handling, slitting and embossing. Our company facilities are designed for cost competitiveness and offer quality performance. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment.

Slitting Capabilities
Gauge Range
.004" to .190" (.102 mm to 4.826 mm)
Width Range
.250" to 60" (6.365 mm to 1524 mm)
16 or 20 (inches) standard
78" maximum
Coil Weight
40,000 lbs maximum
Almetals is a world-class specialty aluminum supplier and metal supplier slitter and distributor for industries such as stamping, roll forming, and tube producers. Our coil products include: aluminum, brass & copper, clad metals, cold rolled, fin stock, and coated & stainless steels.
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