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Conflict Minerals Declaration

SEC Conflict Minerals Statement

We have received a number of requests in a variety of formats regarding such minerals, "Conflict Minerals" that are identified as tantalum, tin, gold and tungsten originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries. We understand that disclosure is required if the use off these Conflict Minerals is "necessary to the functionality" or "necessary for the production" of the products we supply. We further understand the Conflict Minerals present in products as a contaminant or impurity do not cause those products to fall under the disclosure requirements of the rule.

With this understanding, and at this time, we are not aware of the inclusion of Conflict Minerals subject to this Rule in any products we supply nor are any of the Conflict Minerals necessary for the functionality or production of the products we provide our customers. Due to our continual ongoing analysis of our supply chains, we confirm that to the best of our knowledge, the products we supply are DRC Conflict free.

We will continue working with our suppliers to assure that the products we supply remain DRC Conflict free, and in the event that we receive information from our supply chain requiring that we supplement this response, we will provide such an update to the customer

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